Club Investors Draw



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Ballina GAA Club - Investors Draw Committee (L-R): Peter King; Adrian Hurley; Sharon Donnelly; Fergus Breen; Laura Collins & Orla Carey

June 2016 Winner - Brendan Maguire along with his family receive their winners cheque

Draw 36/36Prize Money
​1st Prize
John Houlihan​
​2nd Prize
Tommy & Breda Collins​
​3rd Prize
​Seamus & Mary Nolan
​4th Prize
Gary Rowan & Mary Hughes​
​5th Prize
Theresa O'Brien​
​6th Prize
​Declan O'Leary
​Draw 35/36 Winners
​Prize Money
1st Prize​​€1,000
Jimmy McKeogh​
​2nd Prize
​The Conway Family
3rd Prize​​€100
​Brian Fitzgibbon
​4th Prize
​Mike & Mary Vaughan
​5th Prize
​Robert Ryan
​6th Prize
Mike Breen​
​Draw 34/36 Winners​Prize Money​Winners
​1st Prize​€1,000​TJ McGrath
​2nd Prize​€100​Kevin Stritch
​3rd Prize​€100​Tony King
4th Prize​​€50Caroline Whelan​
5th Prize​​€50David Kyle​
6th Prize​​€50TJ O'Connell​
Draw 33/36 Winners​Prize Money​Winners
​1st Prize​€1,000​Danny & Annette McKeogh
​2nd Prize​€100​Dave Devery
​3rd Prize​€100​Noel Sheehy
4th Prize​​€50​Declan McKeogh
​5th Prize​€50​Alan & Maeve McEvoy
​6th Prize​€50​Ciara Ryan (Dee)
Draw 32/36 Winners​Prize Money​Winners
1st Prize€1,000​Tony King
​2nd Prize​€100​Joan Kent
​3rd Prize​€100​Fiona Slevin
​4th Prize​€50Geraldine Coyne
​5th Prize​€50​Caitriona Ryan
​6th Prize​€50​Catherine & Eugene McWey
​Draw 31/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners
1st Prize​€1,000​Mick & Mary Healy
​2nd Prize​€100Eamonn Giblin
3rd Prize​€100Tony O’Brien, Killaloe
​4th Prize​€50Brian McKeogh
​5th Prize​€50Matthew & Alice Egan
6th Prize​​€50Michael & Mary Vaughan
Draw 30/36​ Winners​Prize Money​Winners
1st Prize€1,000
Donal and Margo Foley
2nd Prize€100
Mike Grace
3rd Prize€100Catherine Ryan
4th Prize€50Maria Elliott
5th Prize€50Margaret O Sullivan
6th Prize€50Tom and Cait Fogarty
Draw 29/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners
​1st Prize​€1,000
Nigel Coleman
​2nd Prize​€100
Sadhbh, Laoise & Roisin Giblin
​3rd Prize​€100T J O'Connell
​4th Prize​€50
Sarah Devane
​5th Prize​€50
​Declan Tormey
​6th Prize​€50
Jim Gallagher
Draw 28/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners
1st Prize​​€1,000Paul Ryan
​2nd Prize​€100Sadie Scanlan​
​3rd Prize​€100Gerry & Catherine McKeogh​
4th Prize​​€50​Seán & Laura Collins
​5th Prize​€50Brian Commins​
​6th Prize​€50Pat Cosgrove​
Draw 27/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners
​1st Prize€1,000​Fiona and Mark Slevin
​2nd Prize​€100​Paul Ryan
​3rd Prize​€100​Robert Ryan
​4th Prize​€50​Veronica Power
​5th Prize​€50​Kevin Byrne
​6th Prize​€50​John Gleeson
Draw 26/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners
​1st Prize€1,000
Jackie and Mark Duggan
​2nd Prize​€100Jimmy Donovan and Kian Donnelly
​3rd Prize​€100Elaine O’Connor
​4th Prize​€50Caroline McKeogh
​5th Prize​€50Brian Commins
​6th Prize​€50Padraig Hyland
Draw 25/36 Winners
Prize Money​​Winners
​1st Prize​€1,000​Angela Tuohy
​2nd Prize​€100​Adrian King
​3rd Prize​€100​Dermot & Ann Marie Nash
​4th Prize​€50​Mike O'Mara (Ardagh)
​5th Prize​€50​Geraldine Coyne
​6th Prize​€50
Draw 24/36 Winners
Prize Money​​Winners
​1st Prize€1,000​Dave Devery​
​2nd Prize​€100​Donagh O'Sullivan
​3rd Prize​€100​Mike Sheehy
​4th Prize​€50​Sharon Donnelly
​5th Prize​€50Carmel Bradshaw​
​6th Prize​€50​Martin McKeogh
Draw 23/36 Winners
Prize Money​​Winners
​1st Prize€1,000​​Tony King
2nd Prize​​€100​Nigel Coleman
3rd Prize​​€100​Michael Fenton
​4th Prize€50​​Elaine O'Connor
​5th Prize€50​​Padraig Gough
6th Prize​€50​​Maria Elliott
Draw 22/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners
​1st Prize€1.000​​Diarmaid Healy
​2nd Prize​€100Finbar Ward
​3rd Prize​€100John Sage​
​4th Prize​€50​John Cawley
​5th Prize​€50Noel Sheehy​
​6th Prize​€50Patsy Nevin​
Draw 21/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners
​1st Prize
David Hickey
​2nd Prize€100Kathleen Ryan
​3rd Prize€100Sheamus O'Donovan
​4th Prize​€50Mary Hurley
​5th Prize€50Shane Ryan
​6th Prize€50Trevor Hogan
Draw 20/36 Winners
Prize Money​Winners​
1st Prize​€1,000​Mary Bolger 
2nd Prize​€100​Kay O’Sullivan
​3rd Prize€100​Marese Coakley
​4th Prize€50​Donogh O’Sullivan
​5th Prize€50​Sienna Skelly
​6th Prize€50​John Sage
7th Prize€50​Fiona Slevin
Draw 19/36 Winners
Prize Money​Winners​
​1st Prize€1,000​John Joe McKeogh
​2nd Prize€100​David Gilligan
3rd Prize€100​Tom & Cait Fogarty
​4th Prize€50​Frank Hogan
​5th Prize€50​Margaret & Aidan Quinn
​6th Prize€50​Pat & Liz Gleeson
Draw 18/36 WinnersPrize MoneyWinners
​1st Prize€1,000Brona Moriarty
​2nd Prize€100Kevin Cosgrove
​3rd Prize€100Declan Tormey
​4th Prize€50Dermot Gleeson
​5th Prize€50Cian McDonnell
​6th Prize€50Finbar Ward
Draw 17/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners
1st Prize​€1,000​​Kevin Byrne
​2nd Prize​€100Cian McDonald​
​3rd Prize​€100​Ben O'Donnell
​4th Prize​€50​Billy Shanahan
​5th Prize​€50Syndicate FEMP​
​6th Prize​€50​Mikey Breen
Draw 16/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners
​1st Prize​€1,000Elaine King
​2nd Prize​€100​TJ McGrath
​3rd Prize€100​​John Healy
​4th Prize​€50​Alun Hoskins
​5th Prize​€50​Theresa O'Brien
​6th Prize​€50​Des Morgan
Draw 15/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners

1st Prize

€1,000Noel Cawley
2nd Prize€100Padraig Gough
3rd Prize€100Elaine O'Connor
4th Prize€50Mike & Siobhan Larkin
5th Prize€50Jim Gallagher
6th Prize€50Seán & Laura Dunne
Draw 14/36 Winners
Prize Money​Winners
​1st Prize€1,000​Finbarr Ward​
2nd Prize​​€100Sadie Scanlan​
​3rd Prize€100​​Robert Ryan
4th Prize​​€50​Theresa O'Brien
​5th Prize​€50​Des Morgan
​6th Prize​€50​Fran Hogan
Draw 13/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners
1st Prize​​€1,000​Mattie & Alice Egan
​2nd Prize​€100Declan O'Leary​
​3rd Prize​€100Fergus Breen​
​4th Prize​€50​Pat Kelly
​5th Prize​€50​Noel Sheehy
​6th Prize​€50​Kathleen Ryan
Draw 12/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners
​1st Prize​€1,000Fiona Bourke
​2nd Prize​€100John Sheehy
​3rd Prize​€100Liam O'Donoghue
​4th Prize​€50Joe Meagher
​5th Prize​€50Anna Gough
​6th Prize​€50
Draw 11/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners
​1st Prize​€1,000Pat Cosgrove
​2nd Prize​€100Sandra O'Malley
​3rd Prize​€100Jimmy O'Donovan & Kian Donnelly
​4th Prize​€50Joe Furey
​5th Prize​€50Pat O'Donovan
​6th Prize​€50Martin McKeogh
Draw 10/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners
1st Prize€1,000Liam McKeogh
2nd Prize€100Adrian Hurley
3rd Prize€100Mike Sheehy
4th Prize€50T & A McCarthy
5th Prize€50TJ McGrath
6th Prize€50John Sheehy
Draw 09/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners
​1st Prize​€1,000​Josephine Sommers
​2nd Prize​€100​Mike Grace
​3rd Prize​€100​Eamonn O'Sullivan
​4th Prize​€50​Catriona Ryan
​5th Prize​€50​Marese Coakley
​6th Prize​€50​John Joe & Mary Larkin
Draw 08/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners
1st Prize​​€1,000​Pat Cosgrove
​2nd Prize​€100​Laura & Sean Dunne
​3rd Prize​€100​Shamus O'Donovan
​4th Prize​€50​Mary Hurley
​5th Prize​€50​Mary Bolger
​6th Prize​€50​Eamonn Giblin
Draw 07/36 Winners
Prize Money​Winners
​1st Prize​€1,000Caroline Whelan
​2nd Prize​€100Seamus Nolan
​3rd Prize​€100Sandra O'Malley
​4th Prize​€50Paul & Ciara Ryan
​5th Prize​€50M O'Donovan
​6th Prize​€50Kevin Byrne
Draw 06/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners
1st Prize
€1,000Tony O'Brien
2nd Prize
€​100Joe Meagher
3rd Prize
€100Dermot & Ann Marie Nash
4th Prize
€50TJ McGrath
5th Prize
€​50Mary O'Meara
6th Prize​€​50Mike McGrath
Draw 05/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners
​1st Prize​€1,000
​Jackie & Mark Duggan
​2nd Prize​€100​Michael McGrath 
​3rd Prize​€100​Jimmy McKeogh 
​4th Prize​€50​Kathleen Ryan
​5th Prize​€50​John Sheehy 
​6th Prize​€50​Mattie & Alice Egan
Draw 04/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners
​1st Prize​€1,000​Paul & Marie Keating
​2nd Prize​€100​Dirmuid Healy
​3rd Prize​€100​Pat O'Donovan
​4th Prize​€50​Alan McKeogh
​5th Prize​€50​Dermot & Anne Marie Nash
​6th Prize​€50​Daire King
Draw 03/36 Winners
Prize Money​Winners​
1st Prize​​€1,000David Hickey
2nd Prize100​Tony O Brien
3rd Prize100​​Michael Cryan
4th Prize​€50Seamus Hannon
​5th Prize€50Robert Ryan
6th Prize€50Margaret O Sullivan
Draw 02/36 Winners
Prize Money​​Winners
1st Prize​​€1,000Brendan Maguire​
​2nd Prize€100​Michael Fenton​
3rd Prize​€100​Jerry & Catherine McKeogh​
4th Prize​€50​Elaine King​
​5th Prize€50​Helen Purtill​
6th Prize​€50​Karen Ryan​
Draw 01/36 Winners
​Prize Money​Winners
​1st Prize€1,000​​Milo & Anna McKeogh
​2nd Prize€100​Donagh O'Sullivan
​3rd Prize​€50Robert O'Connor
​4th Prize€50Eamonn Power
​5th Prize€50Sadhbh, Laoise & Roisin Giblin
​6th Prize€50Sharon Donnelly

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